Powerful love spells that work fast in Louisiana, Lowa, Kensas, Indiana, Oslo 

Powerful love spells that work fast in Louisiana, Lowa, Kensas, Indiana, Oslo 

Welcome to Professor Mama Nabirah’s profile. Experiencing any love problems and located in the above-mentioned places or their environs?

Probably you have visited all places; churches, motivational speakers, hospitals, psychological analysts etc. but unluckily you ended up not getting the exact help you needed.

The most likely its time you tried a love spell caster. Professor Mama Nabirah does all spell casting among them being love spell casting.


Why Love Spell Casting?

The reasons you should get your love spell casting done with professor are very simple:

  • The entire love spell casting and related activities is totally safe, no side effects whether mentally, physically or psychologically.


  • Assured results-Not at all times will the results be instant, but at least you will never regret your decision.


  • Professor understands the client needs nothing but quality services. Her approach to spell casting is different for every individual. This is because everyone’s needs and approach to spell casting procedures are also different.


  • We cannot fail to mention something to do with the pocket. The best thing with professor is that you will never fail to get her services once you seek, due to lack of funds. Hope you understand what it means.



In conclusion, Professor Mama Nabirah is a number one internationally recognized love spell caster, whose spells never fail to work-thanks to the clients who can readily testify. Let your love spell casting be done today and restore or obtain the peaceful love life you always desire for.

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Powerful Love spells by Prof Mama Nabirah

Love brings out the best in us, in others and the world. It’s  a good a feeling to finally find love with the right person in your life. So many moments that can’t be explained, nothing can be compared to the power two people have when they are in love. Prof Mama Nabirah has come across many couples, love partners and marrieds looking for something that can give them the satisfaction. Her powerful love spells have been the solution to many who contact her for advice about love and marriage.

Ever felt like there is one thing in life that hasn’t been working out for you, and it’s your relationship with your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife etc, try out the Powerful Love spells. These have worked out for many people all over the world who never believed that one day they will get to feel love within their hearts.

You won’t forget the person that made you feel butterflies in your stomach, or the person that finally changed your life. Love is the reason why some people have brought good change into their lives and the societies they live in.

Friendship is another strong bond that brings together people from different races, religion and backgrounds together but without love involved it can never be strong. Prof Mama Nabirah’s powerful love spells have worked for most influential people to get their families together. Family is everything in the modern society because that’s where you discover the real you.

Alot of teenagers in the US, UK, and many other countries suffer from depression, when they are not living the life they dream of. This happens most of the time but yes Mama Nabirah also a solution for them too. Most teenagers do have crushes at their school and 80% of them never get to meet or talk to them. The anxiety and feelings from this can later cause the teenagers to feel bad or depressed and will never have self confidence in their future partners.

Mama Nabirah’s powerful love spells will also help you bring back your lost love, your ex that you are still in love with, your crush that you have dreamed of having and many other good things.

She also advises to be careful when wishing using the powerful love spells, you don’t want to snatch someone’s wife/husband right? Today you could be the lucky guy /girl in someone’s heart after getting the powerful love spells. Get one now from Mama Nabirah, send her a WhatsApp message and she will instantly reply back.

Prof Mama Nabirah

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How to Cast an Adoration Spell

An Adoration Spell is not meant for a person to be worshiped as a god but to get recognition, respect and honors for who you are and only for what you rightly deserve.

How to cast an Adoration Spell

Set up your altar as you wish, preferably with a burgundy altar cloth. Invoke the gods of your pantheon as you see fit. Preferably the high lord and lady of the pantheon, such as Jove and Juno, Odin and Freya, Zeus and Hera, Osiros and Isis. Never invoke a god not of your faith or a god you know nothing about.

Give first prayers and offerings. The best offering for such a spell would be Frankincense and Myrrh.

Take the three candles in hand and speak the following, while sending white and burgundy light into the of adoration energy:

“Within my eyes spark these emotions admiration and pure devotion let all those who seen me before think well of me and feel well adored.”

Repeat this for each candle. When done take up the white rose and say the following:

Flower of elegance, Rose some white

Power of adoration I seek this night.

White for clarify, White so clear

Make me respected by everyone that comes near.

Place the white flower down in the middle of the candles.

Now take up the ring or pendant and hold it in your hand. Speak now a second set of prayers to the gods you invoked earlier and ask them with all grace and humility to bless you with adoration. When done place the ring/pendant on the rose.

Now light the candles and sit back. Feel the power of the candles and the power of adoration pulse out from the candles and flower fill you with their energy. Speak the following chant again:

Within my eyes spark these emotions

Admiration and pure devotion

Let all those who seen me before

Think well of me and feel well adored.”

Repeat this adoration spell for 3 nights, preferably held about the same time.

Contact Mama Nabirah for more powerful spells.

Prof Mama Nabirah

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How to Cast a Romance Spell

Get a Romance Spell or learn how to cast it on your own from this page. Get practical advice on spell-casting and black magic, along with free love spells for all kinds of different scenarios you may encounter when dealing with love and relationships. Please keep in mind that while a love spell may assist you in strengthening your relationship or finding that special someone, it’s not going to do all the work for you, and it’s not going force a relationship where it’s not meant to be. Sometimes what we think we want, and what our soul actually needs, are two totally different things. Your Higher Self will give your soul what it needs to grow, even if that may be a painful experience for you.

Perhaps you are out there thinking about performing these powerful spells on your own which can also save money. Our spells are a good choice for you and would require you to put your own personal energy into it. Alternatively If your mind is set on talking to a spell-caster – please get In touch with Prof Mama Nabirah today.

Here you’ll find many free love spells. Keep in mind that using a love spell to force someone else to love you will not get you want you ultimately want, which is true love. It’s always best to do a spell that will bring you the person that’s right for you, not one person in particular that you happen to be obsessed with. No matter how much you believe that the relationship is meant to be, try to keep it in perspective and remember that if it were truly meant to be, you wouldn’t have to force it to happen.

Prof Mama Nabirah has offered love spells, romance spells, free for everyone and they apply to many different situations and needs.

If you want to use a particular spell, but don’t have all the materials that it calls for, consider substituting something similar. Many experienced spell casters write their own spells. So feel free to take the romance spell below as an example and change them to suit your needs. It would be the same as writing your own spell. If you aren’t sure how to do that, you may need to contact Prof Mama Nabirah to help you on this journey.

Whether magic works for you depends on your attitude more than anything else. For spells to be effective, it’s important that you have a positive attitude towards achieving your goal. It’s best to perform spells for goals that you think are reachable. Magic doesn’t work the way you see on TV, where you can simply point your finger and zap someone. You also will not be given god-like powers. Magic is a tool. It’s similar to prayer or creative visualization. Magic helps you focus your energy and intention so that you’re more likely to achieve your goals.


How to cast a Romance Spell

Sit down with legs crossed and hands on your knees with palms facing upwards. Make sure you are comfortable and once you are, start meditating. Imagine your love and imagine you and them sharing a romantic evening together. Then chant:

I wish to be with none but you and spread our happiness until its dew, you will share romance with me, be mine my dear, so mote it be fight.

Once saying this open your eyes and light the pink candle saying your lover’s name. Then light the red candle and say:

Our love shall burn forever more.

This sounds gloomy but when you think about it, it really works. Then hold the petals in your hands and say:

Be with me, be with me.

Say this until you feel completely driven by your love. Then spread the petals in your lovers house or give them to him/her.

Diola lle.

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Spell to get your Ex Back

Trying to get your former lover, Ex-girlfriend or boyfriend then this powerful love spell with work for you. Saying this with confidence because this spell worked for me a couple of years ago when I was young and immature. It’s really fast and too bad I’d moved on with my life and the poor guy was still in love with me. It hurts after the breaking up part and that’s why I eventually did the spell. I did get some bad karma at the end and him getting a broken heart and this is the very reason why anyone opting for a spell shouldn’t blindly pursue anything when it comes to hurting other people. Love is never simple and when you are hurt, it takes some time to heal either after a week, month or year.

To perform the powerful love Spell to Get Your Ex Back, you will need the following;

  • Green candle
  • White candle
  • Blue candle
  • Red candle
  • Star oil
  • A photo of you
  • A photo of your ex
  • Paper clip

This is a simple spell. It should be done on a Friday, the traditional day for casting love spells. Meditate on you and your ex meeting again. Meditate and visualize on every detail of your meeting, what are you wearing, what are you thinking, how you have your hair and/or make up. Envision how the meeting would go from there. Do you exchange numbers and say goodbye until later? Do you add him on Facebook? Does he add you? Feel those feelings of it already have happened.

Raise energy and charge each candle.  Anoint each charged candle with star oil. (I make my star oil which you can buy!! You can use attraction oil instead!) Place the charged and blessed candles in a diamond. I.e. Red=Fire=South; Green=Earth=North; Blue=Water=West; White=Air=East

Light the white candle and stay: “Mother Air he is mine”

Light the green candle and stay: “Mother Earth in earth and time”

Light the red candle and stay: “Mother Fire our passion unites us”

Light the blue candle and stay: “Mother Water clear the way, this is a must”

These words are a guide. You can rewrite your own words or chant and it will probably be better for you to do so. 🙂 Place a photo of your ex and your photo. Clip in place with the paper clips. Make sure your photos are face to face. This is to have them constantly or just thinking about you.

Place the photos in the center of the diamond.

Meditate further on your love. When you ready release the energy and snuff the candles.

Imagine the candle smoke moving with the energy into the universe.  Place the photo in the bottom of your underwear drawer and forget about it! Your lover should be returning you soon.

This spell is really simple and I personally know it to be effective. Want to retrieve a lover without doing the magic? Contact Prof Mama Nabirah Today!!