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Fertility spells by Prof Mama Nabirah

How to get Pregnant with our fertility spells

Our fertility spells are well accredited, with a higher potential to increase fertility in both women and men. People all over the world have used our fertility spells for improving their chances for pregnancy, for a very long time. My magic has supplanted long-existing spells and rituals with extra rites and ceremonies that have served to increase the available base of spells for improving fertility. Hence we have received a full body of Fertility Spells.

The Wiccan Fertility Spells:

Fertility Enhancer On the night of a waning moon:
Place two fresh eggs in a small brown paper sack. Tie the top of the sack closed with a piece of cotton twine. Repeat aloud the following words: “Eggs to earth as moon mourns dust, A sack of two, a pack of lust. Mother Earth must hold them warm, And on my union place her charm.” Bury the sack before the sun rises in a secret place. Take care not to break the eggs. If the eggs crack, even the slightest, before they have been completely covered, the spell will be broken and it must be performed again.

Wiccan Pregnancy Ritual

This spell must be performed in a dark room with only one beeswax candle burning for light. Spread a clean, white sheet on the floor of any room in your home. Lay flat on your back on the sheet. Close your eyes and picture yourself as a parent, holding your new child, and caressing the child’s head. Once you have a clear image of your nurturing in the mind, open your eyes and for three times, speak aloud the following words: “Infant born of my flesh, in my arms I keep you safe, Keeper, bearer of my blood, for generations more to make. In our hearts and in our minds, there lives but only kind in kinds, To bring the fruit of fresh tomorrow’s, spread the joys, endure the sorrows.” Once you have repeated the words aloud three times, get up and fold the sheet in quarters. Extinguish the candle. Carry the sheet to your bed, unfold it, and spread it over your bed. Leave it there overnight, undisturbed. Do not sleep in your bed that night. In the following evening, remove the sheet from the top of your bed, fold it again in quarters and place it under your mattress. Leave it there until the you achieve the pregnancy.

Problems Getting Pregnant

Problems with getting pregnant can occur for many reasons. Of course, the first and correct course of action in any situation that involves fertility problems is to seek proper medical advice, counsel and treatment. Unfortunately, not all fertility problems or other problems with getting pregnant can be resolved through traditional medical treatment. In these cases, Wiccan fertility Spells may be of benefit.

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Real Magic Spells for fertility

Real magic spells, love spells, Wiccan spells and rituals, wish spells and fertility charms can all be useful in achieving pregnancy. Fertility spells and rituals that enhance the fertile nature in both men and women have been used for thousands of years with great success. Unlike science, which is a data-based discipline, the practice of magic, especially witchcraft and particularly Wicca are not so neat and not easily-definable when it comes to capturing results. So, science and much of the world are often inclined to cast dispersion toward less structured arts. But even their attempts at disparagement cannot be well reconciled. Wiccan Fertility Spells can be cast to address a variety of pregnancy problems, which cannot be cured by the traditional scientific and/or medical means. Many women and men facing fertility or pregnancy problems find it hard to imagine getting pregnant. Their dreams of conceiving a child through traditional means seem next to impossible. Conception is an elusive wish for many who have lost hope of conceiving. In many of these cases, just the hope and encouragement that comes from using fertility spells can be sufficient to increase their chances of getting pregnant and consequently having a happy and healthy baby.

Love Spells for Fertility Enhancement

Love Spells by themselves are powerful enhancers and enrichment tools when it comes to increasing a person’s chance at conceiving a child. Love is a powerful force in the universe that can lead to miraculous results. Increasing the amount of love in a relationship can supercharge the viability of a union for the purpose of conception and can greatly improve fertility.
In Summary, when faced with infertility or difficulty in conceiving (getting pregnant) for reasons other than those that are addressable by medical professionals, consider Wiccan Fertility Spells. In the same vein, you should consider the following; Fertility Wish Spells, Fertility Amulets, Love Spells, Fertility Charms, Conception Spells, Healthy Baby Spells and Rituals and Wiccan Pregnancy Spells. Yes, Wiccan Fertility Spells can help, but often it takes time and a lot of research to find just the right solution for your unique situation.