Black Magic

Black magic – one of the strongest and powerful spiritual forces of the universe has become one of the most reliable and an assuring source of solutions to people all over the world. Gone are the days when people would shrink away at the mention of the dark arts and would discriminate black magic. In the modern world, black magic is not only very interesting phenomena but also a very commonplace idea. Thus, It is surprising to note that thousands of years ago when black magic first came into being it was regarded as a sin.

We all know that black magic spells are powerful spells, but within those there are few specific black magic spells which are even more powerful than others. In this website you will find many of them!

Black Magic explained

Real practitioners consider spells which fight against, or try to manipulate free will as black magic. Because these spells try to influence the normal life of others they can become pretty dangerous if they backfire. Free will is considered by some as the strongest force in nature so care should definitely be taken when dealing in the dark arts. The line between what can be considered back magic is fuzzy though. Love spells are rarely seen as black magic, but if the spell makes someone leave their spouse and travel across the country to be with you, you are definitely messing with free will. However, a simple crush spell to get a date doesn’t really mess with their free will.

No matter how you decide to define black magic, the following are generally considered as black magic spells:

  • Death Spells
  • Hurt Spells
  • Resurrection Spells
  • Banishing Spells
  • Binding Spells
  • Conjuring Spells
  • Energy Spells
  • Nightmare Spells
  • Power Spells
  • Revenge Spells
  • Bad Luck Spells
  • Misfortune Spells

Death Spells

As a sub set of the Health Spells in general, these spells are some of the most powerful in the spell book. Although none of the spells will directly cause the death of the intended victim they will cause the body to get ill and die. However, because of the power of the spells, when they backfire onto the caster, they are usually much more powerful than they would normally be, making removal of a miscast death spell nearly impossible.

Hurt Spells

These are perhaps some of the most powerful, if not the most powerful health spells there are. When dealing with health you deal with the power of life and death, and these spells cause harm. However, the spells included here are fairly weak, though in the hands of someone experienced they can still be fatal. It is said that someone who miscast one of the deadly flu spells actually caused the Avian Flu outbreak in Asia. There is no way to reverse these spells, but their power will dissipate over time depending on the power of the caster.

Resurrection Spells

When cast by the most powerful casters, these spells can bring a dead person or animal back to life. However, the majority of the time these spells will only succeed in contacting the dead’s spirit since it takes much more magical power to return the spirit to a body then just to contact it. It should also be noted that there is only a certain amount of life force in the universe, thus when you attempt to bring back a life, you must steal life force from other living beings to do so. Only the most experienced of casters are also able to control where this life force is taken from.

Banishing Spells

A spell of banishment will banish a person or entity from your presence. If miscast these spells will banish you from their presence. The difference is quite simple. Assume you are going to a restaurant, the banished person will not be able to go. What happens is that if the spell is miscast, you will be the one unable to go. Banishment spells when used on people often isolate the person, as they are no longer able to be around you, or anyone else you are around.

Binding Spells

Binding spells are used to bind (or hold) things. The usual reason for this is to bind a person or spirit to prevent it from doing damage to yourself, someone else, or itself. Care must be taken when binding spirits since they will almost always bind to the caster, and you must have a plan for it after it is bound. However, if you are skilled enough to cast a binding spell you will also be skilled enough to handle any bound spirits.

Conjuring Spells

There are two main types of conjuring spells. First are those which conjure objects, followed by those which conjure spirits. Spells which conjure spirits are relatively simple to cast and rarely have negative consequences to casting. However, those spells which conjure spirits are some of the most powerful spells in existence. Only a true caster can cast these spells correctly. When these spells are cast incorrectly the caster is usually haunted for the rest of their lives by the tormented soul they tried to conjure.

Energy Spells

Energy spells are somewhat similar to force spells. An energy spell creates a field of energy around you. This field of energy helps to protect you against evil magic, and aids in good magic spells cast upon you. However, if the spell is mis-cast the effects are reversed and the energy field around you will aid evil spells and prevent good ones, making it quite difficult to remove.

Night Mare Spells

Nightmare spells are in the Spiritual Spells set of spells, and as such carry a great amount of power with them. The general purpose of nightmare spells is to give someone a poor night’s sleep, but they can also be used to remove bad dreams from someone at the same time. Nightmare spells cannot generally be overdone by another nightmare spell. That is to say if a nightmare is caused by a magical spell, a remove nightmare spell will have no effect.

Power Spells

Power spells belong to the Spiritual Spell group, and as such are some of the most magical and powerful spells known. These spells are also known as Force Spells. Force spells deal with unseen forced in the Universe which sometimes protect us and other times hurt us. Everyone has control of the forces around them at some level, but the more force you control the more powerful your force spells can become. When you use these magical forces to create a shield around you, spells cast against you by another person have a much lower chance of success.

Revenge Spells

Want to take revenge on someone without them knowing who it was, or without being caught. That is what revenge spells are for. Basically these spells are modified versions of Bad Luck Spells which are focused on one specific person. They carry all the consequences of bad luck spells as well, meaning when cast wrongly they will curse you for quite some time.

Bad Luck Spells

Bad luck spells will either curse your target with bad luck, or grant them protection from bad luck. Care must be taken when casting these spells as they will often back fire and the intended victim of your spell will not be affected. Instead the caster is cursed with bad luck, beginning with the miscasting of the spell. It is vitally important that these spells be cast exactly as written and only the exact ingredients used.

Misfortune Spells

Misfortune spells are the exact opposite of the Good Luck Spells. They may be used to give someone a bad day in general, or be used to create bad luck objects. Anyone carrying one of these bad luck objects will be cursed with bad luck as long the object is with them, and usually for some time after they get rid of it. Those who have strong magical powers are able to carry a bad luck object with them and focus the bad luck onto others nearby instead of themselves.