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Black magic spells in USA

Black magic spells in USA, Vermont, Texas, Utah, Washington, West Virginia

At what point does one know they are suffering from black magic and not a normal disease or infection?

To understand this, lets first understand what it is. Black magic is simply using spells to invoke evil spirits, that in most cases is directed to a particular individual(s) to torment or make them suffer. This may be due to the fact that

  • You did something wrong like stealing etc. and the owner was very bitter about it or
  • You are in a business that is really doing well, but your competitor or any other person is not pleased by it, they seek black magic spells to harm you.

Now with that, lets discuss the points at which you will know you are suffering from black magic and not an ordinary illness.


Signs you are Affected by or Need Black Magic Spells

If not very keen, you may waste your funds moving from one hospital to another looking for treatment. This is because the signs and symptoms are more similar to the ordinary illnesses. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Physical problems-Addiction, repeated illness, recurring skin diseases, severe headache, earache, pain in eyes, blackouts, numbness of limbs, palpitations, reduction in body heat, and experiencing weakness
  • Mental problems-Constant tension and depression, excessive fright, increase in unnecessary thoughts and doubts about others
  • Educational problems-Failing in examinations despite hard work, forgetting despite good intellect
  • Financial problems-Not getting employed, failure in business, recurring financial losses or getting cheated
  • Marital and family problems-Not getting married, marital discord, infertility, abortions, premature birth, birth of a mentally or physically challenged child, children dying at a young age

(The above signs are according to the Spiritual Research Foundation.)

Get to understand them. Do not be confused and waste you resource too. Reach out to professor Mama Nabira today.

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