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Black magic spells in New Zealand

Black magic spells in New Zealand, Singapore, Iraq, Canada, Oman, Qatar

As discussed in our previous article, black magic is using spells to invoke evil spirits, that in most cases is directed to a particular individual(s) to torment or make them suffer. It may be because of reasons such as

  • You did something wrong like stealing etc. and the owner was very bitter about it or
  • You are in a business that is really doing well, but your competitor or any other person is not pleased by it, they seek black magic spells to harm you.

With that in mind, lets now dive further and understand what black magic is really all about.


Types of Black Magic

By now, you should have realized that black magic is firstly categorized into two major groups:

  • Black magic to protect


  • Black magic to harm

Black magic to protect helps an individual to protect themselves, people around them or their property from any kind of harm, or from another black magic that may be directed towards them. On the other hand, black magic to harm is more direct. This can be done by someone who has been wronged by unknown people eg thieves, or if they feel hatred towards someone else for being ahead of them. However, the later is not encouraged at all!


Professor Mama Nabira’s Black Magic

Now, as it is the rule, any coach in a football match that wants to win any given game chooses the best players as at that time. If not the best, at least those that are skilled to that particular game. So is black magic. Black magic spell casting entirely depends on the type of spell caster you chose, and that is the reason we help you in determining the best.

Professor Mama Nabira is a great black magic specialist in New Zealand, Singapore, Iraq, Canada, Oman, Qatar.

Reach out to her for further assistance.

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